Josie is a vibrant colourist who loves the drama of the human figure. Her Art is driven by the need to show the ‘ordinary’ as the extraordinary event it appears in her eyes. Her painting is expressionist and shows the object or figure accompanied by the emotion she feels towards it, (neutral work is best left to the camera.) She uses colour , scale and texture to achieve her results. Her interest lies with outsiders , people ( or animals ) who do not fit in with current norms who walk a different path.

Her work was first exhibited at the age of 13 when one of her portraits was selected for the National Exhibition of Children’s Art, this was followed by an offer to buy. She studied on courses at The Slade, Wimbledon, and Heatherley’s Art Schools and was asked to teach Art part time at Richmond College. She has exhibited in group and solo shows in London and was offered an exhibition in Montreal. She regularly opens her studio as part of the Richmond Borough Scheme and exhibits at The Landmark in Teddington. She has appeared on TV in a portrait painting programme, and her work was chosen among the top 100 paintings for the Albert Allen Art History Channel in New York . She was artist of the month in Artist and Illustrator Magazine. Recently her painting of the Church in Twickenham was offered as a prize for a jubilee competition.